Are “Mug Meals” the answer for a happy summer?

Summer!  It is finally  here.  It’s hot and humid and we all want to be outside.  Though not every meal can be prepared on the barbeque.

Seeing a new cookbook titled “Mug Meals – Delicious Microwave  Recipes” had me wondering Mug Meals Cookbookif this might be the answer to keeping life in the kitchen quick and cool this year.

Dina Cheney  offers her “Mug Magic” categorized by 125 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner and Desserts in 160 beautifully illustrated pages.

The author supplies detailed recipe pointers, cooking techniques, kitchen tools you will need and what she stocks her pantry with.  However, my pantry never looks like this.

I decided to give a few recipes a try.  She suggests these one portion meals are great for seniors and college students or anyone in a hurry.  I had a difficult time finding a recipe that I would not need to alter or improvise because of missing ingredients so have my doubts that others with smaller storage space would have much more luck.

Do you have a stock of farro, precooked polenta, fennel, frozen edamame, dried kombu, gochujang sauce, Indian simmer sauce or even challah, brioche or ciabatta?

Included are recipes for lasagna, meatballs parmesan, gingerbread, Hawaiian style fried rice with pineapple, pizza casserole, Korean meatballs and chocolate truffles.  All things you wouldn’t think of cooking in a microwave.

Many meals still require the use of leftovers or extra time to chop, slice, peel, grate or boil first things like rice, pasta and vegetables.  Ms Cheney recommends using a 16 oz. mug due to overflow.  Clean up could be another chore to consider.

Are these man size meals?

The desserts did sound amazing.  For me, one portion would be torture.  I would rather make full size recipes and use the microwave to reheat the leftovers like I usually do.


Would I recommend this book?  I’m sure lots of people would love it.  I didn’t find it convenient or suitable enough for myself.  I may attempt some of the desserts in regular portions.

Thank you The Taunton Press and NetGalley for this downloaded version in exchange for my honest opinions.

Photo credits: The Taunton Press
ISBN 978-1-62710-916-1

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