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You’ve cruised the Caribbean and maybe the Mediterranean.  What’s next?  A river cruise?  But it is a fairly new itinerary and you don’t know where to start or how to plan.  I have found an answer.  Consumer Affairs has published a “Best River Cruises Guide”.

The River Cruise industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom – up 11% from last year. Perhaps that’s because they are increasingly seen as a sophisticated, culturally immersive vacation option for travelers.

This guide will help the travel savvy consumer compare features, types and the most reviewed companies.

 A few things I learned are:
  • Because demand is so high, it’s unlikely a consumer will find last-minute deals.
  • A cabin with about 160 square feet is adequate in most cases because when rooms start getting bigger than that, you’re not getting enough benefits in exchange for the extra money you pay.
  • Shuffleboard and piano concerts are generally as fancy as entertainment gets.
  • When there hasn’t been much rain and water levels are low, cruise operators may have to change the routes of cruises on rivers with many bridges because the ships risk getting stuck on rocks. In flooding situations, the ship might not fit under the bridge.
  • 5 good reasons to cruise solo

Read the report here.

Bon voyage, mates!

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