Brazil and Rio Celebrate The Future With The Museum of Tomorrow

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Rio de Janeiro’s new icon, The Museum of Tomorrow, opens on Saturday, December 19. This represents the renewal of Rio de Janeiro’s port area, ahead of the 2016 Olympics. Located in Praça Mauá, it is a science museum that promotes exploration, reflection and planning of possibilities for the future.

The museum is based on age-old questions – Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we? Where are we going? How do we want to live? – rooted in the notion that tomorrow is neither a date on the calendar, nor an inescapable destiny. Tomorrow is built, starting today, right now. The choices we make today lead to a range of possible tomorrows.

The museum, designed by my favourite architect, Spaniard Santiago Calatrava, uses organic shapes inspired by the bromeliads of Rio’s botanical garden. Situated in Praça Mauá, the 15,000-square-meter building sits on a 34,600-square-meter plot with reflecting pools, green spaces, a bike path and a recreational use area. With in approximately 5,000 square meters of exhibition space, the museum is dedicated to science and technology encompassing aspects of philosophy, politics and ethics.

The museum has partnerships with Brazil’s leading universities, global science institutions and collects real-time data on climate and population from space agencies and the United Nations. It has also hired consultants from a range of related fields, including astronauts, social scientists and climate experts.

From 10AM on Saturday, December 19th, the Museum of Tomorrow is open to all. There will live music and other attractions in Praça Mauá from 1PM until late at night.

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