Cafe du Monde ~ a must for every visitor to New Orleans

Open 24/7 since 1862, Cafe Du Monde now has eight locations in New Orleans with the most frequented being the original in the French Quarter.  It closes only for Christmas Day and whenever a hurricane is imminent.


Menu choices are dark roasted coffee and chicory served black or au lait,  milk, freshly squeezed orange juice and, of course, their signature item “beignets”, the square French-style doughnut. Three beignets come under a cloud of powdered sugar so be prepared if you are wearing black.


Another French influence was the addition of chicory to dark roasted coffee during their civil war when coffee beans were scarce.  It cuts down on the bitterness of the dark roast and is served half and half with hot milk.  Of course, today it is served to accommodate the customer’s preferences.

Cafe du Monde

800 Decatur Street

New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 525-4544
Open 24 hours a day
Closed 6pm December 24
Reopens 6am December 26
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