What can I eat today?

What can I eat today without having to go grocery shopping?  AGAIN.  There always seems to be something left over yet I continue to drag home more heavy produce just because it is Saturday and the farmer’s market is half a block away.

Determined to concoct something, this is what I came up with.  It tasted great and I probably saved some money.

Here is what I found:

– 2 large sweet onions

– 3 beef bouillon cubes

– Herbes de Provence (that I bought in Marseille and never use)

– Gouda cheese

With a bit of olive oil, I sauteed the sliced onions until they sweat.  Then I added all the ingredients into a 1.5 qt. slow cooker  and topped it off with water. 2 hours on High.

French onion soup

– 12 grain bread

– Gorgonzola cheese

– pear

– dried cranberries

– rotisserie chicken

– romaine lettuce

– mayonnaise

gorgonzola pear chicken sandwich

– romaine lettuce

– red bell pepper

– mango

– watermelon

– dried cranberries

– rotisserie chicken

– slivered almonds

– bacon

– parmesan cheese


salad whatever

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