Cha Gorreana, the Azores tea plantation on Sao Miguel Island

Is this your cup of tea?

Cha Gorreana Tea is a family-owned business since 1883 that grows  both green and black teas.  From the same plant, black tea is fermented and green tea steamed.  Famous for their organic tea leaves, even the Chinese purchase from them.

Europe's only tea plantation

You are free to tour and see the equipment and techniques used.  Much of the production involves work still done by hand.

Steps from plant to teacup

 A single bush can produce leaves for three varieties of tea that are determined according to where on the bush the leaves are picked.

Orange  pekoe, the most delicately flavored of the three, comes from the bud and first  shoot; pekoe, a less-flavored variety, is from the second leaf; and Broken Leaf, the least aromatic of the three, is made from fragments of the remaining  leaves.

Row upon row of tea plants

Of course, samples are included to taste test and a gift shop provides an opportunity to purchase tea products, jams and jellies and your typical souvenirs.

This tour was part of my shore excursion in The Azores.  A better understanding of the process and the incredible views of the fields makes tea appreciation just as intriguing as wine vineyards.


The only tea plantation in Europe

Gorreana Tea, Maia, Sao Miguel 9625; +351 296 442 349

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