Fluent Forever

* Do you feel like you may be too old to try to learn another language?

* Want to get past ‘tourist speak’ for your next vacation?

* Are you planning an overseas retirement somewhere with a language foreign to you?

Nothing makes you feel more welcome than being able to converse with the locals.  It opens up the path to new friendships and adventures and lowers the fear of the unknown in another country.

I discovered a great book by Gabriel Wyner, Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It.

Mr. Wyner has me creating my own flash cards.  I was hesitant in the beginning.  However, after following his techniques for two weeks, I was able to retain my new vocabulary and shopped at the local market this morning understanding the vendor and him understanding me.  Now, that is a first.  I’m looking forward to ordering my dinner this evening in Spanish without having to point to the menu or repeat myself to the waiter.

My pronunciation has improved.  I’m reading labels that now make sense.  My ear is now tuned in so that I can correctly spell what I am hearing even if I don’t know what it means.  Yet.  It is becoming fun.

If nothing else, it is an interesting read on how our brains work.  It should be required reading on all school curriculums.


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