Hungarian Village for Rent ~ An Adventure to Blog About

I can still hear Jack Bailey’s voice asking “Do YOU want to be Queen for a Day?”  Remember the tv show, or the radio program that preceded it?  “Queen for a Day”  first aired in 1945 and ran until 1964.  A game show where the contestant with the most heart wrenching tale of woe would win merchandise and assorted prizes.  A reality show.  Are today’s versions much better?  An archived show from 1958.

Today’s news reported an opportunity to be King for a Day.  This could be a real hoot.  Do I know anyone with a sense of adventure to travel for this experience?  Anyone?

Looking for an unusual location for a destination wedding?  A family reunion?

“BUDAPEST, Hungary – If “king for a day” sounds too majestic, a small Hungarian village will let you become deputy mayor for a few days.

The village of Megyer, population 18, has put itself up for rent to companies and tourists.

For 210,000 forints ($750; 690 euros) a day, a prospective renter gets seven guesthouses that sleep 39 people, four streets, a bus stop, a barn, a chicken yard, six horses, two cows, three sheep and four hectares (10 acres) of farmland – along with the possibility of temporarily being named deputy mayor.

The deal aims to revitalize the hamlet, which dates back to at least the 11th century and is 190 kilometres (120 miles) southwest of Budapest.

Mayor Kristof Pajer said Wednesday that the silence of the remote countryside was its main attraction.

“We offer all sorts of programs to our guests, but most are simply captivated by the surroundings and the quiet,” said Pajer, a 42-year-old engineer. “Once they sit out in the meadow with a bottle of rose wine, nothing else matters.”

Still, Pajer says he also tries to get companies using Megyer for team building, for example, to include some village improvements in their activities, like helping to paint the playground swings.

Among the privileges of deputy mayors, Pajer said, interim officials can rename the village streets to their liking for the duration of their stay.”

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