La Boqueria ~ Food Shopping in Barcelona

Spanish produce

We Eat with our Eyes First

If you think you can gain weight just by looking at food perhaps you should avoid the 40 or so fresh food markets in Barcelona.

The most popular is the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, La Boqueria for short, on Las Rambla.  Should you eat or shoot photos?  You decide.  I say do both.

Fresh produce is a rainbow of colour, fresh caught seafood perfumes the air and the hum of the crowds have you craning your neck to see what someone just oohed and ahhed about.  Maybe it was the sheep heads with bulging eyes and a wagging tongue.  You have to admit that they do have good teeth.

La Rambla is famous for pickpocketing.  So be cautious in the crowded market where you will be distracted as you pass each and every food stall.

Buen provecho!

See for yourself the vast array of epicurean delights offered at La Boqueria.  It is long but I tend to be there a long time.

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