Meatless All Day

I really don’t eat much meat.  Grilling a thick steak doesn’t appeal to me.  But chicken and seafood is starting to feel too repetitious.

Especially during these hot and humid summer days, I’m quite content with salads and/or tossing fruit and vegetables into my NutriBullet.  Maybe I am a vegetarian at heart.  I decided it was time to give it a fair chance.

meatlessNetGalley and The Taunton Press generously allowed me to download an advance copy to test and reviewMeatless All Day”  by  Dina Cheney.

The introduction starts off with:

  • Tips for Perfect Vegetables
  • The Art of Cooking Eggs
  • Tips for a Golden Brown, Crispy Exterior
  • Tips for Enhancing “Meatiness” ; and
  • Power Ingredients

I noticed that the first breakfast recipe served 8-10.  Oh-oh.  The titles all appealed to me but I’m thinking these are rather ‘fancy’ meals and not so much day-to-day quick fixes.  A brunch for vegetarian or adventurous eaters would be a better audience.

Taking baby steps, this was my first attempt at one of the lunch recipes:

grilledcheeseI enjoyed the spiciness and had never considered horseradish on anything other than roast beef.

To be fair, I plan on eating one meal, maybe one entire day each week, from this book to see how my tastes change.

What am I learning though is that I am not a fan of this styling trend.  Bold, vibrant colours are more my taste with a more elegant table setting.  Pewter cutlery and food on a wooden board, to me, belongs in a rustic setting.  A cottage or cabin the woods with beans simmering on a wood stove.

You eat first with your eyes.


Photo credits: The Taunton Press

ISBN-10: 1621137767

ISBN-13: 978-1621137764


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