Meeting interesting people along the way

Update: I read that someone reported Bucky.  His dogs were taken from him and he was deported.  Allegedly, he was earning money panhandling and it is illegal to work on a tourist visa.


So …

I got up and went down the street (maybe it is up, I dunno) to the Saturday Tianguis and dragged back six heavy bags laden with fresh, organic fruit and vegetables. Cost: almost $11.00.

To avoid devouring everything at once, I reckoned I better get out of the apartment damn quick.

I gave myself the assignment to go find ten men to speak to and not return until completed. The sun sure sets early in Puerto Vallarta 🙂

Mission accomplished. Who do I remember? What were their names? Who made the most memorable impression?

There was a homeless dude sitting on a bench on the bridge crossing the Rio Cuale. With him were his two dogs. One is pregnant and the other undergoing chemotherapy and sleeping a lot.

marioI think we talked for close to two hours. I doubt people would have stopped to see the pose of the dogs if I hadn’t been the brave one to take time to get to know him. Bucky Nesmith.

A few passersby asked permission to take a photo but only about 3 out of at least eighty gave him a tip. C’mon, folks, it’s Christmas.

Bucky has been living on the river bank for a couple of months now being eaten alive by bugs, trying to keep dry as the river rose during rainy season and preaching to people to just smile more.

He was always a bit of a hippie and now describes himself as a hobo. He served as a marine for 18 years. As he said, he had a job where the government paid him to kill people. Now he gets hassled by government officials for sitting on a lawn. He is the happiest person I’ve met. Maybe ever. He has a blue sky overhead, swaying palm trees and a parade of characters passing by to amuse him.  Occasionally, someone will stop to chat or listen to him sing with his guitar.  He says his dogs take care of him. Their tips feed them all and pay the vet bills. A kind soul will offer him a beer from time to time. If he has money left over at the end of the day, he shares it with the homeless living under the bridge.

He has had sponsors. Subway gave him a gold card for free sandwiches for life but it isn’t valid outside the U.S. Film students from Whittier College had him star in documentaries as part of their exam.

Bucky had tales galore to tell — all because he and Mario (dog) left home in Alaska seven months ago and are walking to Argentina!!!

As I was leaving, he told me to look him up on Facebook. WTH? Hobos are on FB and I’m not!!!

The other 9 guys I met haven’t travelled anywhere … snooze …

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