Shore Excursion in Ponta Delgada, Azores

Spending a day exploring the Azores:

I am willing to bet that a trip to the Azores is not on your bucket list.  Well maybe you should consider it seriously if you enjoy scenic outdoor travel. After all, this archipelago of nine volcanic islands is considered the Hawaii of Europe.

Where is it and why should you be interested?

Situated 850 miles west of continental Portugal, agriculture, dairy farming, livestock and fishing are the major industries.  However, tourism is fast approaching number one.

Ponta Delgada is the most inhabited.  With a year-round mild climate and temperatures ranging from 16C – 25C depending on the season, taking a hike is sheer joy and a photographer’s paradise.

Travel between the islands is not easy nor cheap.  A car rental is a good idea to explore the countryside.

Take a look.

Good to know:

It is not a town for partying and the weather can be unpredictable  due to its proximity to the Gulf Stream.

Hot springs are an opportunity for bathing not commonly found.

Regional cuisine is varied and interesting and with the only tea plantation in Continental Europe, it is always tea time.

You should go before the crowds arrive.

I enjoyed all my sightseeing while on a shore excursion arranged from NCL Epic.

Shore Excursion

Azores Tourist Board

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