Terra Nostra Garden, the Botanical Gardens in the Azores

Where is it?

These lush and dense gardens aged over 200 years are situated in the Furnas Valley.  A long extinct volcano, the crater measures approximately 7 m. in diameter.

Botanical Garden in Azores

Hundreds of small streams and springs with various minerals feed the plant life indigenous to the region.  As well as century old trees, other varieties have been imported from North America, Australia, New Zealand, China and South Africa.

Azaleas in the Azores

There are large collections of camellias, ferns, cycadales and bromeliads. Azaleas, hydrangeas and agapanthus dress both sides of the roadways.  How can drivers keep their eyes on the road with such beauty in their peripheral view!

iron rich Azores

So much colour makes the garden a fine destination in itself and wonderful to visit any time of the year.

Visit Azores

During my shore excursion, it was a quick trip but inspiring.  The gardening bug bit again.

Terra Nostra Garden

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